Meet the Team

During your treatment, in addition to your oncologists, you will meet many members of our medical and technical staff. They will all work as a team and treat you with dignity and compassion. Your team may include some or all of the following:


Medical Physicists
Medical physicists are experts in the measurement and use of radiation to treat cancer. They consult with the radiation oncologists, verify the dosimetrist's calculations, monitor treatment and verify the accuracy of the treatment equipment.

Medical Dosimetrists
These are medical professionals who plan and calculate the proper dose of radiation for treatment under the direction of the medical physicists. Dosimetrists can also perform simulation where a patient is set-up and marked for treatment.
Radiation Therapists
Specially trained radiologic technologists who administer radiation treatments based on the radiation oncologist's orders. Radiation therapists are certified and licensed in radiation therapy. They also can perform simulation.
These are radiologic technologists who perform necessary diagnostic x-rays and CT scans during treatment and follow-up.

Radiation Oncology Nurse Practitioner
Oncology Nurse Practitioners are involved in the care of individuals who have received a cancer diagnosis. The Radiation Oncology Nurse Practitioner at our facility assists the Radiation Oncologists in patient care related to cancer screening, cancer care management, cancer prevention and cancer research. Cancer patients may see the Radiation Oncology Nurse Practitioner for their follow-up care.

Registered Nurses
Registered nurses certified in oncology (cancer) treatment work both in the radiation therapy and medical oncology departments. Medical oncology nurses administer chemotherapy agents under the direction of a medical oncologist. Radiation oncology nurses assess the medical needs of patients undergoing radiation therapy. Both provide patient education.

Registered and Licensed Dietitian
A Registered Dietitian can provide patients with nutritional tips and a personalized diet to help minimize eating difficulties associated with cancer treatment, and can also provide information on ways to reduce cancer recurrence risk through diet and lifestyle.




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